American Stonehenge Destroyed in Terrorist Attack

American Stonehenge Destroyed in Terrorist Attack
Quentin Melson/Wikipedia 

The Georgia Guidestones, better known as “American Stonehenge,” were targeted in a bombing around 4a.m. Wednesday according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The Guidestones were a monument erected in 1980s during the Cold War by an individual using a pseudonym.

It stood at roughly 19 feet tall, with four rectangular pillars, one pillar in the center, and stone slab on top. On each pillar ten “rules” were inscribed in eight of the most spoken languages with an attempt to guide humanity in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. In essence the entire structure served this purpose, to stand as a monument to the new world in case of the destruction of the old. A further description of the monument can be found here in a 1980 The Herald article.

Since the creation of the Guidestones, conspiracy theorists have had a field day trying to connect them to either the New World Order or other groups representing satanism. This is where the possible motivation of the bombing has come in as theories regarding it as a symbol of the New World Order have come to light after a 2008 vandalism of the monument. The New World Order has been described as a group that will try to take over the world through a secretive international government that works through existing governments to infiltrate them and integrate their members globally. Due to this conspiracy connection, there have been a national calling for the monument to be destroyed due to its connection to these groups. Further than this interest in the moment has increased in recent months as a Republican Governor candidate Kandis Owen who has been a promoter of conspiracy theories has associated the monument with a “Satanic Cabal” and the “Satanic Regime.” These sentiments have had connections to previous vandalism as in 2019 someone had carved a Q-Anon related message on the stones.

While motives have not yet been established nor the perpetrators caught, video surveillance of the bombing has been made publicly available as well as a video of the car used by the attackers. The bomb itself did not completely destroy the monument but was able to severely cripple it by knocking out one of the stone pillars and destabilizing the monument. Due to the structural damage, it was no longer considered safe and yesterday it was completely demolished. Since the attack seems to have been politically motivated the perpetrators could be hit with terrorism charges as well as detonation of a bomb with intent to destroy a cultural site. No one has been officially charged with the attack as of yet.